About Us

About Me

As the founder of CES, I possess extensive experience in education, having worked in the field for a considerable amount of time. My educational background includes a master’s degree in education and human resource management from Bowie State University and Strayer University. In addition, I have taught at numerous schools across different locations, including Southern California, Anne Arundel County, the District of Columbia, and the Charles County school system, both in private and public institutions. My primary focus has always been developing effective behavioral strategies that help students and teachers achieve their academic goals within and beyond the classroom.

I have greatly emphasized working closely with community organizations throughout my professional career. This has allowed me to build solid relationships and provide vital support services to students, including mentoring and implementing Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) and School-wide Information System (SWIS). As a facilitator of SWIS and a PBIS trainer, I am dedicated to utilizing my expertise and knowledge to provide program management and assistance to charter and public schools in the surrounding area.

These unique skills enabled me to provide essential training and support to teachers and staff. My diverse experience has demonstrated my ability to closely oversee evidence-based programs as part of the Safe Schools Healthy Student Initiative.

Michael J.Chisley Founder
Chisley’s Educational Services


Social-emotional skills are the foundation of healthy relationships and positive interactions with others. These skills include the ability to identify and manage emotions, communicate effectively, show empathy and understanding towards others, and make responsible decisions.

Behavioral Support

Behavioral support is an approach to helping individuals who are struggling with challenging behaviors. This approach is based on understanding the underlying reasons for the behavior and providing targeted interventions to address them. Behavioral support may involve modifying the environment, providing positive reinforcement.

Special Education

Special education is a field of education that focuses on providing individualized support and services to students with disabilities. These services are designed to help students with a wide range of disabilities, including learning disabilities, physical disabilities, and emotional or behavioral disorders.

Mission & Vision

Here at CES, we motivate students to foster their curiosity, engage their parents, and promote optimum learning through a collaborative, personalized learning program for each student.

At CES, we understand that every child is on a personalized educational journey. Our talented teachers work hard to incorporate diverse skills providing developmental, curriculum, and extracurricular activities. 


  • Keep Parent involve
  • Using the community as the classroom
  • Promote a child’s innate creativity
  • Collaborating to achieve goals
  • Building relationships
  • Personalizing learning